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Learn About Coalescence


Our Mission

To create a space that facilitates professional and creative growth across all disciplines of art by encouraging limitless exploration of personal artistic expression and an ever expanding connection of collaborative artists.


Artistic Values

Creativity- We foster creativity by inspiring our artists to take risks and expand beyond their current beliefs of what is possible for them. 

Professionalism- Setting high-quality standards, we strive to produce a professional performance and networking platform no matter where an artist is in their creative journey. 

Growth- We seek to nurture artists fresh in their creative endeavors and professionally practicing alike, acting as a guide to each new stage of their exploration.

Interdisciplinary- We pursue the removal of traditional boundaries and definitions of artistic expression and performance, creating unique opportunities for the full spectrum of artistic mediums to be presented side by side. 

Collaboration-  We want to facilitate connection for artists of different mediums, leading to inspiration, ingenuity, and new collaborative “creationships”.

Inclusion- We desire to see all peoples creating work side by side, so we intentionally create spaces of diverse participation amongst our artists.

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